Tre Colline Farm is surrounded by 20 cultivated hectares with Lake Garda vines and olive trees.

The oil mill and the cellar give these local products their quality and authenticity through accurate techniques. This is also true for our honey production; it directly comes from our beehives located along the three hills.

You can buy our products directly in our store or online.

Most of the wine of our production goes through bottling; the most famous one is Bardolino with its three different variations: Classica, Superiore and Chiaretto. A wide selection of still white wines, sparkling and red wines.


Our cellar is provided with the most modern vinification systems and it can produce about 1200 hl of wine. Before the bottling process, the storage process uses steel barrels while ageing occurs in durmast barrels that are stored into an old barricaia.

Oil Mill

For the milling process Tre Colline Farm uses a continuous cycle modern oil mill. During the entire months of November and December you can attend the ongoing process by yourselves and see how the Farm is able to produce an excellent EVO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) thanks to its 1500 olive trees.

The milling process is also destinated to small and privately owned businesses who can proudly enjoy the products of their territory.


Up to the farm hills you can find 40 beehives from which we cultivate our honey in its different variations: millefiori, acacia, tarassaco.

Each year we produce about 1500 kg of honey; a designated area hosts the honey extraction and the product packaging. Finally, you can find it in handy 500gr boxes.

Group tasting

For a long time now Tre Colline Farm proudly welcomes people from all European countries showing them the precious products of the Farm.

The adventure starts with the cellar and oil mill guided tour and ends with a taste of our products our staff will serve you while leisurely sitting at your table.

Two different taste experiences are available:

  1. First taste includes 5 different wines, 2 different kinds of local EVO, canapés with olives, pickled olives, bruschetta with olive oil and fresh tomato, bread, local cured pork.

  1. Second taste includes 7 different wines, 2 kinds of local EVO, canapés with olives, pickled olives, bruschetta with olive oil and fresh tomato, bread, local cured pork and cheese.

If you want to ask for some variations, prices will be accordingly set.

Time required for the whole tour including taste and potential purchases can go from one to two hours.

You can buy the products of the farm like wine, oil and honey directly into the store or you can order them online.